SLT are leading experts in Tasmania on energy, carbon, and sustainability, having delivered services to a diverse range of clients, including MONA, tourism businesses, aged care facilities, public and private schools, local governments, State Government agencies, Government Business Enterprises, aquatic centres, agriculture, aquaculture, charities, and more.

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Understand your organisation’s carbon footprint by having us prepare a Greenhouse Emissions Inventory. You may start with your organisation’s direct (scope 1 and 2) emissions such as fuel and electricity usage; and later expand the scope to include indirect (scope 3) emissions such as those embodied in the products and services you use and/or deliver. We produce inventories in compliance with international standards the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard, Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Standard, and ISO 14064. We tailor our tools to your needs to streamline data management and provide insights into which aspects of your operations are most emissions intensive.
Reduce your organisation’s footprint by developing an emissions reduction plan. At its best, a plan includes science-based targets, a timeline for how they will be achieved, and supporting policies (especially a climate-informed procurement policy). The timeline should include specific costed actions, such as replacement of plant or vehicles, and installation of renewable energy systems or energy efficiency measures.
There are reasons for and against going ‘carbon neutral’ or ‘net zero’ using offsets / carbon credits. We can help you consider these and make an informed decision either way – some of our clients have decided to and others not. If you want to become carbon neutral we can help you do it right by becoming certified under the Australian Government’s Climate Active program for which we are Registered Consultants.
Just some of our growing client base are MONA, the City of Hobart, Terrapin Puppet Theatre, and Morrison & Breytenbach Architects.
Using renewable electricity efficiently is key to your organisation’s environmental impact. You can save a lot of money in the process and we can show you how. We are among Tasmania’s most experienced commercial energy auditors, having conducted scores of audits to Australian Standard AS3598 for tourism operators, offices, aged care facilities, schools, health care centres, aquatic centres, agriculture, aquaculture, community organisations, and more. Every audit we have done has included recommendations that will achieve large energy and cost savings, with a mix of quick and easy wins and longer-term investments.
Our energy audits cover:
  • Energy sources (electricity, gas, solar, etc)
  • Energy suppliers, contracts, metering, and tariffs.
  • Building Structure (insulation, air leakage, passive solar gain, and thermal mass).
  • Equipment, control systems, and user practices for all energy use, including Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), pumping, hot water, refrigeration, lighting, ICT, and other machinery and appliances.
  • Renewable energy solutions including business cases for new behind-the-meter solar and evaluation of existing systems.
Our process includes:
  • Collection and expert analysis of your metering data.
  • On-site inspection to evaluate building materials, furnishings, and energy-consuming equipment, and to discuss equipment usage with your staff.
  • Compiling a comprehensive report with clear, actionable recommendations, complete with savings projections, upfront costs, and payback periods.
  • Presenting the findings to you, ensuring full comprehension, discussing any required modifications, and addressing all your queries.
  • We can also assist in the procurement of energy-efficient and renewable energy products and services.

We can help your organisation with environmental reporting, be that mandatory and/or voluntary reporting to the general public, Australian Government, EPA, your customers and business partners, and/or for internal purposes. We have helped clients with National Pollution Inventory NPI reporting, National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting NGER reporting, State of the Environment public reports, financial and operational dashboard internal monitoring and reporting systems, corporate greenhouse inventories, community greenhouse inventories, and energy reports.

We focus on streamlining processes to make report preparation simple, and on delivering insights that inform decision making. Clients include Southern Waste Solutions, Tasmanian Planning Commission, and the City of Hobart.

SLT consultants can also provide general sustainability consulting, including strategic advice, and education and training.

“The education and advice we received from our consultant Todd through the Sustainable Living Tasmania initiative has been invaluable. Not only did Todd impart so much knowledge on the day of the site audit, but the detailed report and follow-up meeting was way above any expectation I had. We received a number of recommendations for improvement to implement across our site (small and large). One of the wonderful things that came out of the report and through my conversations with Todd are the ideas i have been able to pass onto staff to instigate in their homes. Thank you so much for your time and knowledge.”

– Angela Abbott, Chief Operating Officer, Colony 47

“Sustainable Living Tasmania was rigorous, insightful, and responsive in helping us to assess our current emissions and map out ways to adapt and transform our operations. Their thorough understanding of legislation, carbon markets, and locally relevant emissions factors means that we feel confident we have the most accurate possible picture. What we have learned, coupled with SLT’s tools, enables us to do our own monitoring in future. I highly recommend their services.”

– Terrapin Puppet Theatre

“The detailed report that followed was excellent – easy to understand, very thorough, and provided a good insight into a broad range of efficiencies that included simple improvement measures that could be undertaken immediately at little or no cost, in addition to more extensive changes for consideration. We found the exercise of great benefit to our organisation.”

– Angelique Payne, Executive Officer, Aurora Disability Services

“Thanks Todd and Sustainable Living Tasmania. You did a great job listening to all of our information and concerns and giving them consideration in your solutions report. It’s really valuable to us. Every dollar saved is a dollar we can use to provide support to homeless men.”

– Stephanie Meikle, CEO, Bethlehem House

“We were very happy with the service provided for our energy audit. It was very comprehensive, and provided us with clear information about the benefits and costs of implementing a range of measures to help us reduce our operating costs.”

– Robin Krabbe, Coordinator, Live Well Tasmania

“As an environmental organisation, we are extremely cognisant of the importance of energy efficiency as the world transition beyond carbon. Equally, we want to manage our members and supporters critically important donations and support as efficiently as possible. So we were extremely pleased to benefit from the technically accomplished, professional service, the reliable advice and comprehensive report, which included clear cost options, explanations and invaluable analysis that any decision maker in an organisation would appreciate having on their desk. The service was excellent – because it took care of itself (thank you, Todd Houstein) and the process and product went beyond the minimum service you could expect.”

– Tom Allen, Campaign Manager, Wilderness Society Tasmania

“As an organisation focused on children and families, we care for future generations. It is essential to embed our environmental responsibility in our practices.
Last year we started to challenge our practices on a number of levels. As a not-for-profit organisation our resources are limited for such projects. We are very grateful that Tasmanian Climate Change provided us with a Power$mart Business Grant. Thanks to their support we worked with Sustainable Living Tasmania to undertake an energy audit at Ocean View Child Care Centre in Blackmans Bay.  Todd provided a fantastic consulting service giving us a detailed analysis of the centre’s energy use and recommendations that can be considered to reduce energy use and associated costs.  Todd shared information on new grants available that would also allow us to implement the recommendations. We are now about to implement a 10kW Solar Panel System with a Business Grant from the Australian Government.
I highly recommend Sustainability Living Tasmania; their support and advice has been invaluable. Their guidance will allow you to make essential changes to make a positive environmental impact in your organisation.”

– Maude Macon, Project Officer, Adventure Patch

“Highly recommend this service. Very easy and a very informative outcome in an easy to read and understand format.”

– Shandel Pile, Project Coordinator, Burnie Community House

For many organisations, diesel and petrol vehicles are a large emitter and cost. You can slash these emissions and save money by transitioning to battery electric and/or hybrid vehicles. But there are a lot of details to work out… Which vehicles should you replace with which models and when? How do you need to change capital and expenditure budgets to make the most of opportunities on a whole-of-life cost basis? How should you roll out charging infrastructure? What government incentives are available? What policies do you need to update?… We can develop a plan with you that answers all of those questions.

We have developed Electric Vehicle Integration Plans for 10 Tasmanian councils.